O'Reilly, Grosso, Gross & Jones, P.C.

O'Reilly, Grosso, Gross and Jones, P.C. is a boutique law firm that focuses on labor and employment law in the construction, trucking and gaming industries. Founded in 1986 by John D. O'Reilly, III and James F. Grosso, the firm represents all of the major employer associations in the construction industry and negotiates master collective bargaining agreements with multiple building trades unions that cover all of New England.  In 2000, the firm became O’Reilly, Grosso & Gross, P.C. and on February 1, 2016, the firm name changed to O’Reilly, Grosso, Gross & Jones, P.C.

In addition to representing individual employers in all disputes arising from the labor agreements, the firm has represented the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in negotiating Project Labor Agreements for multiple projects at the University of Massachusetts-Boston Campus, the Longfellow Bridge Restoration project, the Whittier Bridge project, and the I-91 Viaduct.  The firm continues to represent major bio-pharmaceutical companies in project agreements for their expansion in Boston, Cambridge and Central Massachusetts.

John D. O'Reilly III, James F. Grosso and Miranda S. Jones serve as co-counsel to several jointly administered Taft-Hartley fringe benefit funds that manage over $6 billion in pension, health and other employee benefits. Karl J. Gross represents general and subcontractors in claim litigation and other business-related disputes.

The firm's attorneys represent individual employers in the defense of all forms of employment discrimination, wage and hour and prevailing wage claims as well as alleged violations of the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA).
The firm also represents a major waste hauler in Boston and eastern Massachusetts and has been engaged by a national gaming company to represent it in labor issues related to its quest for a Class 1 Gaming Establishment in Central Massachusetts.

The firm is proud of its participation in the economic growth of the Commonwealth through the representation of some of its premier industries.